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About Us

Urban Wellbeing Solutions has been established to create a forum and on line community to promote best practice and experiences in making our Urban Environments better for all our wellbeing. Wellbeing looks at the physical, Financial, Environmental and Mental Health of both ourselves as individuals and our communities; whatever the size.

We are looking to promote Wellbeing as a balance of all our requirements particularly by embracing innovation and digital developments.

Health & Wellbeing Spaces

Blue Space in the urban Environment is considered to be visible water within the urban landscape. harbour front parks, rivers, ponds, lakes, ports, canals, fountains, etc. are all counted as blue spaces. It is an important physical and aesthetic element of landscape design. Increasingly, Blue Spaces are vital to the Well-being of people who live and work near visible water.

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Green spaces such as parks and sports fields as well as woods and natural meadows, wetlands or other ecosystems, represent a fundamental component of any urban ecosystem. Green urban areas facilitate physical activity and relaxation, and form a refuge from noise. Green spaces are vital to mental health.

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Good transport connections have direct benefits to people, businesses, the environment, and the overall economy. Good transport can: Help people access jobs, help shape greener and healthier places, unlock new development sites for business and housing. However, the wrong type of transport and the effects can be poor air quality that affect all residents.

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Utilities are those services that are required by all to live in modern societies. Clean drinking water, safe disposal of sewage and reliable electricity are universally required. Many countries use natural gas and a staple and almost universally telecom interconnectivity and access to the internet are becoming essentials.

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Why do we create this site?

The co-founders have over 50 years of joint experience in working to improve urban environments around the world but particularly in English and Spanish speaking countries. We are looking to promote and enhance our networks in this vitally important and growing subject to share knowledge and promote approaches and policies that enhance our urban Environments of the Wellbeing of all.