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Transport & Comms

How great transport & comms systems improve Urban Wellbeing

Good transport connections have direct benefits to people, businesses, the environment, and the overall economy. Good transport can:

Help people access jobs: Good transport links can widen people’s job-search area and help them find employment. It can also reduce commuting times and reduce the cost of living. Public transport is especially important for lower income groups where wellbeing will have the greatest improvements through finding economic activity.

Help shape greener and healthier places: Reducing the reliance on cars and promoting greener modes of transport (such as public transport or cycling) can relieve congestion and reduce carbon emissions. For example, Good transport can also improve individuals’ health and reduce healthcare costs. Personal wellbeing of commuters is reduced as the time needed to commute to work rises.

Unlock new development sites for business and housing: In order for new houses or businesses to be built, roads, bus services and rail must be in place to service them.

Fundamentally, good, cheap, reliable transport is essential to supporting urban economies and in poorer cities and poorer parts of cities there is a strong correlation showing individual economic activity helps individual wellbeing.

However, the wrong type of transport and the effects can be poor air quality that affect all residents. At Urban Wellbeing Solutions we look to solutions that promote the positive nature of transport solutions in Urban Environments while reducing the negative effects.

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